The Scarless Breast Reduction

the scarless breast reduction to reduce the size and measurements of your breastThe #1 concern of women who are interested in breast lift or breast reduction surgery is the scarring, and rightfully so.

The scars of breast reduction surgery are numerous and noticeable, and are typically visible in the “anchor” pattern with a scar around the areola at the top of the anchor, a second scar from the areola down to the fold under the breast, and a third scar running the length of the fold under the breast forming the bottom of the anchor. There are many women for whom this is the only option for a smaller, lighter, and shapelier breast, but newer techniques like the Scarless Breast Reduction are becoming more popular.

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What is the Scarless Breast Reduction?

The scarless breast reduction is a liposuction procedure for the breast. Instead of cutting away excess breast tissue and skin through large incisions, small liposuction cannulas are used to remove excess fat from the breast through a few very small (less than 1/4″) incisions hidden in the fold under the breast. When these small incisions are healed, they are very well concealed under the breast and are extremely inconspicuous. Using liposuction instead of direct tissue excision limits the scarring, but it also limits the downtime and speeds up the healing process, so if you want to reduce the weight and size of your breasts with the least amount of scarring and downtime, this may be an option for you.

Is the Scarless Breast Reduction really “scarless”?

No, it’s not completely scarless, but there is significantly less visible scarring than a traditional breast reduction. As described above, the scarless procedure involves 2-3 very small incisions hidden in the fold under the breast. The incisions are so small and inconspicuous that this procedures is as close to scarless as any procedure can get.

What are the main differences between the Scarless Breast Reduction and a regular breast reduction?

  1. The scarless procedure has less visible scarring: The main advantage of the scarless breast reduction is that the scars are limited to 2-3 tiny scars hidden in the fold under the breast instead of the more noticeable anchor pattern scars of a traditional breast reduction.
  2. The scarless procedure has a quicker recovery time: Many patients can go back to work and the gym in 2-3 days after a scarless breast reduction, while traditional breast reduction patients may need 10-14 days off.
  3. The scarless procedure does NOT lift the breast: The tradeoff for having less scars is that the breast will not be lifted in the same way they would with a traditional breast reduction. Because no skin is removed with the scarless technique, it is not possible to tighten and lift the breast. The Scarless Breast Reduction can only reduce the size and weight of the breast, while a traditional breast reduction can reduce the size and weight, but also lift the breast. The lack of a lift from the scarless version is the biggest difference between the two procedures.

Here are a few before and after photos of a 36 year old woman who’s DDD breast size interfered with her exercise program and limited her clothing options at work and home. Because she was so young, she couldn’t imagine seeing her breasts with the anchor breast reduction scars, so she opted for the scarless technique instead. She understood that her breasts would not be lifted, but they would be smaller and lighter. Her goal was to be reduced to a C cup, which is exactly what she got. She is able to exercise much more easily, and wear just about any bras and clothing that she desires now.

before and after photo front view of scarless breast reductionscarless breast reduction before and after photosphotos of the scarless breast reduction

What should consider the Scarless Breast Reduction?

Almost any woman who wants to reduce the size and weight of her breasts is a candidate for the scarless technique, but not everyone is a “good” candidate. Good candidates for the scarless procedure are women who:

  1. are over 30 years of age (younger breast tissue may be too dense for the scarless technique)
  2. are willing to accept the fact that the scarless technique cannot lift the breasts (it can only make them smaller)
  3. want (or need) to reduce the size and weight of their breasts but cannot handle the idea of anchor scars
  4. can’t afford to take more than a few days off of work
  5. have had previous breast reduction surgery but are still too large

Will my insurance company cover the Scarless Breast Reduction?

No, the scarless breast reduction will not be covered by your insurance carrier, but if you have reasonable credit, you may qualify for one of our two excellent financing programs so that you can make payments over time.

How can I get more information about the Scarless Breast Reduction?

If you have any questions about the Scarless Breast Reduction, or if you would like to schedule consultation, feel free to call our office at 917-703-7069, or visit our website at

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