When can I exercise after breast augmentation surgery?

working out after breast augmentationThe majority of our breast augmentation clientele is quite active, so we frequently field questions about getting back to the gym and other physical activity after surgery.

The recommendations for when to get back to the gym after breast augmentation surgery depend on what type of procedure you had, what type of implants you have, and in which position those implants were placed. There is no universal set of guidelines for every breast augmentation patient. The recommendations for each patient in our practice are as customized as our procedures, so if you had your procedure in another office, please consult with your surgeon before following any of the recommendations offered here.

Keep reading to find out when you can get moving again based on the specifics of your procedure…

Recommendations for Returning to Exercise After Breast Augmentation:

  1. Smooth Round Implants, Under the Muscle.

     This is the most common implant/muscle combination in the US, which is why it’s first on this list. Smooth-surface implants glide freely under the pectoralis muscle, and since they are round devices they can also rotate freely without any visually noticeable consequences. If you have smooth round implants under the muscle, we recommend that you begin light calisthenics with the entire body the first day after surgery. We want all of the muscle of the upper and lower body to remain loose and flexible throughout your entire recovery period, but nothing more strenuous than full range of motion exercises until approximately Day #10. Between 10 and 14 days is the ideal time to return to low impact exercises like the elliptical trainer, the stair master, and low-resistance, high-repitiion exercises for everything except the pec muscles (i.e. no pushups, bench presses, planks, etc) You can gradually increase your intensity from this point on as your breasts tolerate it. If you notice that a particular workout causes your breasts to swell and ache, apply some ice and back off on the intensity for a few days. Once you are at full intensity with all exercises other than direct pec movements with no noticeable swelling or soreness in the breasts, you can continue those workouts until the 6 week mark, which is the first time you can begin working your pecs if you have smooth round implants under the muscle.

  2. Smooth Round Implants, Over the Muscle.

     If your smooth round implants are over the muscle, your plan for returning to exercise can follow the same plan as if they were under the muscle, except for the fact that you do not need to wait 6 weeks to start working your pecs again. Since the muscles are not contracting over the implants, the chance of shifting the implant with a vigorous contraction is much lower than if the implants are under the muscle so you don’t need to wait as long to begin working the pecs again .

  3. Textured Round Implants, Under the Muscle.

     A textured surface carries the benefit of resisting lateral migration of the implant over time (i.e. it keeps the implants closer together), as well as resisting gravity (i.e it keeps the implants from sagging for a longer period of time), but these benefit comes with a slight caveat… if a textured implant happens to shift a bit after surgery and ends up adhering in slightly the wrong spot, that could necessitate an additional small surgery to move the implant back into it’s original position. This is not a concern with smooth surface implants that will typically settle into their original positions even if they are shifted on occasion by vigorous pec muscle contractions. If you want the benefit of a textured surface, you will have to delay your return to exercise a few weeks longer than with smooth implants. For textured implants under the muscle. you should wait at least 3 weeks before returning to any physical activity other than gentle calisthenics and range of motion exercises, and at least 8 weeks before returning to all other forms of exercise. With a textured implant it is necessary to give it sufficient time to adhere to the surrounding tissue to it doesn’t shift with pec muscle contractions.

  4. Textured Round Implants, Over the Muscle.

     If your textured implants are over the muscle, you should wait at least you can return to light, low-impact exercises 3 weeks after surgery, and then return to everything else after 8 weeks. It should also be noted that textured implants are generally not used above the muscle because of the high risk of rippling in this position.

  5. Teardrop Implants, Under or Over the Muscle.

     Teardrop implants offer the most natural shape possible, and have a unique feel that many women describe as ultra-natural, but their main downside is that they are not round… they have a top and a bottom. If a round implants rotates, you will not notice that. If a teardrop implant rotates, that could very well be noticeable. That being said, teardrop implants will keep you out of intense physical activity the longest while you wait for them to adhere to the surrounding tissue so that they don’t rotate. For all teardrop implants regardless of whether they are under or over the muscle, you should wait at least 8 weeks before returning to all forms of resistance-based exercise (everything except low-impact cardio). Gentle calisthenics are still recommended starting within the first week after surgery, and low-impact cardio exercise can begin around 3 weeks after the procedure. Everything else needs to wait until at least 8 weeks. If you’re a fitness fanatic, or if you are a professional or semi-professional athlete, teardrop implants many not be the most practical choice for you. But if you want the absolute most natural result possible and you like the firmer feel of these implants, it may be worth the extra time away from your activities.

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