Outstanding breast augmentation result!

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We love to share our Before & After pictures, so here is one of our latest and greatest! Absolutely gorgeous result 6 weeks after a breast augmentation!

At first glance this may seem like an easy surgery, but this is actually one of the toughest breast augmentations: a very petite woman who is in very good shape and wants a large size implant. It is extremely difficult to achieve a natural look with this combination of factors, but as you can see, it is possible. She underwent a submuscular (under the muscle) breast augmentation with a 397cc (full C cup) silicone implant, and this is the download joomla 5 template result at only 6 weeks after surgery with only about 80% of the stretching complete. Over the next 6 weeks, her result will improve even more as the bottom half her breast completes it full stretch and the implants rotate down into an even more natural position.

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