Alex W.

I am a male and I visit Dr. V’s office to have botox done on my forehead area as well as to reduce the appearance of crows feet around my eyes. This is for cosmetic reasons as well as trying to stay looking young in a competitive job market (I am 36). How are the results of botox at MAS? Well, first off, Dr. V uses custom needles that are smaller than the generic ones used in offices around the city for botox. This means that I feel less pain at the time of injection. Second, I feel that my results are satisfactory for what I requested (remove the “burrowing” of my brows, the indent at the unibrow area, and prevent appearance of crows feet). I have been going to Dr. V since I met him in early 2011. I like Dr. V’s midtown location as it is easily accessed. I also love the results I received from having had botox done with Dr. V.