Anonymous P.

I went into Dr V’s office 5 months ago to see what I could do after I had an appointment with Dr Brandt that cost me $2000 and showed little to no results. I started becoming unhappy with the fat loss in my upper cheeks and tear troughs.

After seeing a video of Dr V performing a cheek augmentation with filler on YouTube I made an appointment for a consultation. Dr V was very honest and upfront about what he thought the issue was and didn’t try and oversell anything or push me into doing any additional procedures besides what I actually wanted to get done.

I decided to go for the package he offered which was $2500 for the cheek and under-eye area. This was, and still is, by far the best deal that I have ever seen! After having my first set of injections, I realized after the swelling went down that I wanted to have a little more filler added. When I went to my follow up Appt he injected another two syringes of radiesse into the area at no additional charge. I ended up having 3 times the amount of product than Dr Brandt used for the same price. In the end Dr V gave me an amazing result. Everyone in my life was telling me how amazing and well rated I looked. My bags had completely disappeared and I was never afraid of taking a photo even in the worst overhead lighting. Dr V definitely turned the clock back for me a solid 10 years. That being said, I can be very demanding and difficult and Dr V was very patient and understanding of my situation. I left feeling not only happy with my result, but with the fact that I made a new friend as well.

Thank you so much.