ArfArftheDog W.

Wow. 3 sessions and the two huge purple clusters of spider veins are gone! GONE!! They looked liked permanent bruises that I hid under long pants, jeans, and tights with skirts. Swimming suit??? Shorts? ha ha – I hadn’t worn them since my twenties.

Dr. Vendemia and Shaye were beyond professional. Everything was explained in full, realistic prognosis given, and the results were spectacular, more than I could have hoped. On top of it, they are intelligent and personable people, so I never felt the void that some robotic doctors make you feel.

Anyone who gives less than 5 stars likely had unrealistic expectations of what spider vein injections can do. Dr. V and Shaye even took care of a couple of the larger veins, but the only way to remove the big ugly veins is a vascular surgeon – also clearly explained. It is also realistic to recognize that genetics and heredity play a huge part in whether one develops veins, and whether after treatment they might return. Such veins are also exacerbated by pregnancies, weight gain and loss, work that requires standing on the job all day, impact from running with poor shoes on hard surfaces, etc.

I am fully expecting that down the road, these may return. Fortunately, Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery will be where I go back!! But for now, I am) looking so forward to summer on Cape Cod, and actually wearing shorts and a bathing suit. Woo Hoo!!!

If you are plagued with spider veins making you feel and look older than you really are, then get yourself to Dr. Vendemia and MAS. Really worth it!! 🙂