Christina P.

Where do I begin to describe how amazing this place is? I went here to try to get rid of some new stretch marks after having my first baby three months ago. I actually work in the plastic surgery business and so was very skeptical regarding stretch mark treatments as we have always told our patients that nothing gets rid of them. When I heard about the laser at Dr. V’s office from a couple of friends I decided to give it a try. I am absolutely amazed at the difference this laser treatment has made in the appearance of my stretch marks after only one treatment! Dr. V said that a full treatment will consist of 3 to 5 sessions but I doubt that I will need more than two or three. The treatment was quick and relatively painless and I was in a beautiful and comfortable room feeling more like I was at the spa than in a doctors office. The staff are all beautiful and wonderfully attentive and they make you feel completely at ease. Dr. V himself was absolutely wonderful! He explained everything so that I could very easily understand and he took his time with me answering all my questions and did not rush me out at all like most doctors seem to. I would highly recommend MAS! After seeing Dr. Vs amazing before and after pictures I may actually go back for a few other things;)