Cinema P.

From the first visit, I knew that he was going to be the doctor. I went to my other consultations, but none of other surgeons I saw made me feel as confident as Dr. Vendemia did. He spoke to me honestly, and completed his project with grace and success.

I was always unhappy with my round bulbous nose and had it refined with Nicolas Vendemia. He offered the best and least invasive way to do it out of all doctors I had seen. And now, when I look in the mirror i realize just how insightful he is. I won’t have any visible scars either, just a small one on the bottom of the nose.

I definitely look more beautiful than before. I have nothing but great things to say about the doctor: not only does he TRULY care for his patients, but he is passionate and extremely knowledgable when it comes to him being a surgeon. I am very grateful to him and his personal assistant Karin who had never failed in making me feel beautiful and had put all the questions or fears I had at ease. My surgery was on July 7 and now it has been only about 3 months since my rhinoplasty, and to this very day, I have follow up appointments. I am very happy with the progress, he did an absolutely AMAZING job. I get so many compliments.

I didn’t feel any pain AT ALL after my surgery although it involved some work on the bone. I didn’t have much bruising at all either: only a little for 4 days. I was on realself website a lot after the surgery because i was paranoid about my nose all the time. Many women there had ridiculous amounts of bruising with the same surgery as mine, but Dr Vendemia is just so gentle.

I’m absolutely thrilled with my results. It’s exactly what I wanted. It’s even more incredible because others don’t even notice what it is exactly balancing out my proportion. The best part too, is that I feel like myself now.