D. Hanley

i just wanted to let everyone know how amazing my experience w dr. vendemia was. i am so glad i found MAS. the whole staff (esp. alicia and karin) have made me feel so welcome. they were extremely helpful and accommodating.

i am by no means “rich”. i am not a wealthy manhattan girl. i am a REAL 29 year old waitress, living in albany ny. i have been unhappy with the appearance of my thin, chapped lips for quite some time now. ive always dreamed of getting lip injections to fill in the creases, and make them look softer, and more femine. i also wanted it to be so natural, that no one would suspect i had “work” done. i have never had any cosmetic surgery done before and never wanted to risk looking fake… ummm hello, trout pout…

i found photos of dr. vendemias work online, did a ton of research, and decided to schedule a free consultation. i figured i had nothing to lose. when i finally arrived, i knew i made the right decision. dr vendemia took the time to truly listen to my concerns and guide me in the right direction. i explained how i needed a natural look. i also voiced my concerns with bruising and swelling. i knew it was common to bruise and swell, but with the right method, it can be dramatically reduced. he has a steady, yet gentle hand. he took his sweet time, making sure everything was perfect. he would stop, show me the progress, and ask if i wanted more injected. i never thought i would have said “yes”, but he was so careful, that i kept going!

my lips looked great immediately. i walked around manhattan for another 5 hours before i started to swell (normal side effect). the swelling was so minimal- not at all what i was expecting. i never bruised once. everyone told me i looked great, but couldnt place what has changed. i feel much more femine and confident. i cant believe i waited so long to do this. it really was an easy, pleasant experience.

the best part of getting lip injections here is that i have up to one month to use up the rest of the vial i had purchased. no ridiculous hidden fees. i bought it, it’s mine. i decided to go back a few weeks later to use up the rest of the vial, and never once felt weird about it- or like i was putting anyone out. dr v is a really nice man, and he really is amazing. i wouldnt trust anyone else with needles on my face! haha

ps- if anyone wants to get a hold of me for questions, please feel free. im more than happy to help 🙂