I had considered a breast augmentation for years but was nervous about the surgery for several reasons. I didn’t want a fake look, and I didn’t want to have an extended recovery time from a big surgery. Dr. Vendemia turned out to be an excellent choice!

I am thrilled with the results of my surgery. He helped me achieve a totally natural, more proportional look — exactly what i was after. I was very interested in Dr. Vendemia’s rapid recovery technique because I didn’t want to stay out of the gym or cease running for an extended period after the surgery. The recovery time exceeded my expectations. I was back at work within a week and back at the gym in a couple of weeks. I couldn’t believe how quickly I got back to my normal fitness activities and was even back to running within 2 months of surgery (with no pain)!

Dr. Vendemia is clearly a skilled surgeon. But he aIso has the best bedside manner of any physician that I have interacted with. He is extraordinarily professional, while still being empathetic and understanding. One of the unique things about Dr. Vendemia’s practice is how much time he spends with his patients prior to and after the surgery. He made himself available for three or four extended consultations over the course of several months prior to my surgery. He was extraordinarily patient with me and spent a lot of time answering my questions, addressing my concerns and helping me choose the implant size and type to achieve the look I was seeking.

Dr. Vendemia is a perfectionist, which is exactly what you want in a plastic surgeon. But his focus on getting things right and creating an excellent patient experience is also clear in all other aspects of his practice. The offices are immaculate; the staff incredible; the paperwork as streamlined as possible. It is worth noting that Karin, the patient coordinator, is incredibly special. She is always available via phone, text or email and she herself spent time with me addressing my concerns about the process and even connected me with other patients so that I could hear about their experiences with Dr. Vendemia and the surgery first-hand.

I have had an excellent experience with Dr. Vendemia and Karin and most importantly, I love the results!