I met Dr. V. and was very impressed with his presentation, explanation of the different procedures he does and the before and after pictures. I went because I wanted botox injections for my crow’s feet and lines in my forehead. I already had a local plastic surgeon who did my breast augmentation many years ago, and more recently botox and restalyn injections, and I was very happy with his results and feel very loyal to him. I never thought I would use another plastic surgeon, but when I met Dr. V. through the spa, I was so impressed with him that I decided to give him a try. To say that I am happy I did is an understatement! The first thing I noticed was that the injections were virtually painless- something I did not experience with my other doctor. My other doctor told me that botox could help a little with the crow’s feet but could not erase it like it can for the forehead lines. That is the main reason why I was never very happy with botox because what I really wanted was for those ugly crow’s feet to go away. I did not see much improvement with my other doctor, but thought it was because of limitations with what botox can do. Boy did Dr. V. change my opinion about that! My crow’s feet were pretty deep but after Dr. V. gave me botox, they almost completely disappeared! I never thought I could get such great results. The lines in my forehead disappeared as well. My sister has gone to many different doctors for botox and she was absolutely amazed at the results I got from Dr. V. She never saw such an improvement in crow’s feet from botox before. She can’t wait to make her appointment with him. I have to say that I am very thankful that I found Dr. V. because I now know that he can do things that most other plastic surgeons cannot do. I thought I had the best doctor until I found Dr. V.~ now I know I have the best!