Rebecca S.

Dr Vendemia was def the best decision I made for performing my breast implant revision surgery. I had a capsular contracture of one of my breasts (from another doctor). My breast implants were about 9 years old and needed to be replaced soon anyway, but the contracture made the process so much more difficult. I had a lot of fear surrounding every choice bc I didn’t want the contracture to return. Dr V was so patient and answered every question I had, then answered it again, and again. He suggested extra precautionary measures for my surgery (Alloderm) to deter the contracture from coming back, which I took full advantage of. Dr V put special care into my case to have the best outcome possible.
Because of my previous breast augmentation (not Dr V) and being unhappy with the results- I had so many more aesthetic criticisms going into this surgery. My previous breast implants were round silicone and I felt like the fuller upper quadrant wasn’t flattering on me and drew a little too much attention to my breasts (I’m 5’10” Size 2 34/D). I didn’t want to go smaller necessarily but Dr V suggested the silicone teardrops. Even though I was unsure about the idea of having a different shape, it is exactly what I wanted to achieve. I seriously couldn’t be happier. My breast look so incredible, natural, and perfect. Dr V was so patient and understanding of all my idiosyncrasies surrounding everything. He understood the look I wanted to achieve and created it better then I could have translated it for myself. Dr V was super attentive and caring throughout the entire process. His aftercare is excellent as well. When it comes to plastic surgery, you get what you pay for. Although Dr V may have a higher price point then some, please take every aspect of this process into consideration. I learned the hard way that you should not accept less then the BEST for your procedure. Do yourself a favor and call Dr Vendemia if you are considering breast augmentation and especially if you’ve had a complication from another doctor and looking for a new one 🙂

*And Karin, his assistant, couldn’t have been more sweet and helpful during this process as well.