Rene E.

I am a first time patient of Dr Vendemia and it was my first experience with non surgical rhinoplasty and am unbelievably happy with his results. I did my research on the procedure and I wanted to find a Doctor with great honest introspective reviews, where the reviews would make me feel like this was the doctor for me, and I ended my search here on yelp with Dr Vendemia. I also noticed he actually responds to his clients here on yelp and when I met him he seemed just as personable and warm. During the consultation, I felt extremely relaxed, as he is very down to earth, personable, and very interested to hear your thoughts, expectations, and visualize what you see. He is a great listener and very eloquent, thoughtful and informative with his responses. I immediately sensed his experience, artistic vision, and passion for this work, and I say passion beacaus he is also an artist! After the consultation I knew I was home and in good hand for my procedure, so I schedule an appointment. On the day of the appointment, he went over with me what exactly he was going to and always included me in the process, it was definitely a mutual process and he will be very honest while trying to get the best results for you. I felt no pain, no nervousness, no discomfort during the procedure and he worked very gently and professionally. I loved his work demeanor. When he was done with his work and lent me a mirror, I was super excited. He sculpted my nose beautifully and exceeded my expectations. I literally said “You are a genius!” He is a true artist, a Michelangelo of rhinoplasty. I was glad I found him and did my homework, because it led me to these magnificent result. When I was ready to leave, the last amazing impression I left with was that he is also an artist! There are gorgeous portraits in his office’s hallway, sketched by him and out of his imagination. I just wish I had made the decision to go earlier and enjoy these benefits earlier. I can honestly say from this experience, that you have found your doctor.