Review from Diana W.

Dr. Vendemia with Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery (MAS) is a true professional plastic surgeon and approaches his work almost like an art. Dr. V is very respectful, personable and patient, not to mention exceptionally knowledgeable in his field. If you are nervous about choosing a plastic surgeon and moving forward with a breast augmentation procedure (in my case), look no further – Dr. V will perform a spectacular job. Truth be told, I was a tough case with having such an acutely small frame to begin with and requesting a considerable size increase (pushing the higher end of the size range), all while maintaining a natural look. Dr. V nailed it. He perfected the procedure and I wholeheartedly mean this. They don’t look fake at all – they’re remarkable and gorgeous, yet I still feel so natural. Furthermore, I appreciated his truthfulness to any and all questions asked. When presented with the option of size (cc’s and profile type) and location of the implant itself, we went over the pros and cons of each many, many times. Based on extensive experience, he gave his honest opinion, presented options and advised accordingly. These are qualities I especially admire because it demonstrates the following: 1) Dr. V cares about his business and reputation; 2) he wants his patients to be happy, feel good and have the confidence that they’re in good hands; and 3) he clearly desires to achieve a superior end result for his patients. I felt he was giving me just that. I couldn’t be happier with the breast augmentation procedure and experience with Dr. Vendemia at MAS. I LOVE the new (pardon) boobs; they’re simply perfect!

On a separate note, and prior to scheduling a consultation at MAS, my husband and I created a laundry list of questions about the breast augmentation procedure. I’m sure Dr. V taken back by the number of questions, but he handled us with such grace and professionalism. He never rushed us either. Then, we went in for a second round of follow up questions to narrow down our choices to decide on the best surgeon. We took far too much of his time with the question and answer sessions; but, it was clear in the end that Dr. V and his staff would take the best care of me throughout the entire process.

Dr. Vendemia’s Office Manager, Karin, is a delightful woman as well. She is always responsive both via phone and text message. They thoroughly prepared me for the procedure at the surgical center and set expectations as to how I would feel and what to do post-procedure. They checked in later that evening as well to make sure I was okay. Throughout the critical post-op period, Karin was available to answer questions with amazingly quick turnaround time. Talk about a comforting feeling. Like Dr. V, she definitely takes care of the patients too.

Is there such designation as a master breast augmentation surgeon? Well, if there is, hand it over to Dr. V! One last repetitive point, I LOVE my new boobs! 🙂