Review from S.A.

Karin and Dr V, I know I live far from NYC, but I feel your care and attention even thousands of miles away!. Both of you have been ‘right next to me’ literally from the first phone call. I would like to say that prior to booking with you, I had booked elsewhere and I had even put a non refundable 800$ deposit – but I didn’t feel comfortable or confident (at all) after speaking to the assistant who booked my surgery. You were the next person on my list – needless to say I lost the 800$ – gladly – after speaking to Karin. As someone who runs Clinics, I can appreciate a good patient coordinator… Karin is one of the best I have come across. Ever. And Dr V  I have felt safe and confident with you ever since the first Skype meeting. You can’t put a price on that. This experience and the care I have felt from both you has been world class.
Thank you  for being patient with my ‘not so common sense’, and answering every single one of my questions thoroughly.
Thank you for being supportive as I move through my crazy hectic schedule and checking in when you do and as often as you do. It’s as if Karin senses that I am up to something wrong and she msgs me before I do it for too long (sleeping on stomach)!
Thank you.

Ps I am now going to go thru your website to see what else I can ‘augment’ just so I can come see both of you again 🙂