Review from M F.

This wonderful man fixed the damage that Dr. Taranow  the left pectoral muscle slicer inflicted on my body. Dr. Taranow’s skill is from medieval times. I’m surprised he didn’t describe me in terms of humors, bleed me then apply leeches to finish the job.

From the beginning Karin, the woman who answered the phone was kind, welcoming and sympathetic. I was ashamed to even tell her (and show anyone) what I looked like. In person she was just as pleasant and calming.

When the doctor came in he was professional, intelligent and told me my options and what I could expect in comparing aesthetics to reality.

We used Seri surgical scaffolding. He pushed for alloderm but I could not get my head around it. Instead Dr. Vendemia compromised and got more Seri.

It took six hours to repair the damage of Dr. Taranow, 2 1/2 longer than he intended. I wish I could thank them all personally from Denise the nurse to Dr. Friedman on anesthesia who managed to by some sort of magic starting an iv without me feeling the needle at all. Don’t let Friedman’s young face fool you, this guy knows what he is doing. He probably thinks I’m insane for asking him “if he’s done this before.” Also helpful tip if you hold up your wrist above your heart, no bruising.

My surgery took place at the specialty care center on 50 E. 69th st. Doesn’t look like much but it has top notch people working there. My only complaint is for the center since I had to call on surgery day to get the appointment time instead of them leaving it on a message when they couldn’t reach me.

I’m one week out and I feel human again, beautiful again, hopeful again. I don’t have to hunch over to hide body. If I could give infinite stars I would.

Thank you Dr. Nicholas.