Yvette K.

So i went for the scarless breast reduction because I simply wasn’t ready to have scars on my breasts..after a while, I realized that I was ready for the regular breast reduction-especially after seeing my mother at her age suffer due to her breasts, I knew I wanted mine reduced even more and I was ready to deal with the scars! I had such a great experience with Dr V last year so I scheduled my consult and was ready to move forward for surgery. Karin and Dr V are SO helpful and they have always made me feel comfortable. Again I was very happy with my first procedure but I was ready for the next step and there is nobody else that I would trust with this except Dr. Vendemia.
I had my surgery almost 4 weeks ago now and once again- Dr V did an AMAZING job.
I am more than happy to send before and after pics to anyone who has any doubts about going forward with this procedure-as you can tell with me it took some time but I can highly recommend it.my contact info is with Karin at their office.

One more thing I really want to write on here- there are some disturbing negative reviews and as a patient of Dr Vendemia-they are quite hurtful/insulting because i picked the BEST plastic surgeon in this country- besides the way they describe his behavior and etiquette- it doesn’t even sound like him!

Dr Vendemia has changed my life in the best way possible, he is very personable and extremely honest-isn’t that what we all want from a plastic surgeon? My sisters have had their breast reduction done back home in Europe, and when I sent them my after pics,they were stunned at how good they look. So please ignore the negative reviews and schedule your consultation-you will see how great Dr V is and you will be very happy with the results.

So if you have any questions about the scarless and regular breast reduction then feel free to contact me but from my own experience- Dr V is absolutely THE BEST and you will never find a nicer assistant than Karin who is always available even by txt.

Please make sure to listen to his recommendation to go to Rigby and Peller for a good fitting, another great experience and I highly recommend to ask for Geysa.