The 3 Most Important Decisions for Breast Augmentation

how to decide between silicone vs saline breast implants, and under or over the muscleThere’s a lot to think about when considering breast augmentation surgery, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information that you’ll pick up during the consultation process, especially if you’re seeing multiple doctors. None of these decisions are trivial though, so we want to try to help by sorting out the main decisions that have the most impact on the final result. Keeping things organized and simple is the best way to make a good decision and give yourself the best possible chance of getting a result that you’re in love with!


Breast Augmentation Case Study: Erica’s experience going from a B cup to a D cup

Breast Augmentation Case StudyErica is a 29 year old woman who lost a significant amount of weight after taking her life in a new direction of fitness and intense exercise. Losing the weight meant that she also lost quite a bit of fullness and volume in her breasts, and since she had no plans to gain the weight back, she decided to learn more about breast augmentation surgery to restore the cleavage she missed.

Keep reading about Erica’s experience with breast augmentation surgery, and to see her Before & After photos.