Hey guys!! So, I actually chose my doctor based on his “rapid recovery breast augmentation” procedure and he has such a great attitude but also was serious about the fact that he will say no to the procedure if I am not the right candidate etc. So it took me about 4 months from when I first went in to my consultation to actually finally booking, and even then I called them a week out and tried to cancel almost fully giving up my payment because I was so so scared. I was worried I would hate it, that people would judge me or that I wouldn’t feel like my normal self ever again. I stayed up nights obsessing, I read like a zillion of these posts online, would wake up and say “YES this is what I want” and go to sleep crying that I might be making a terrible decision and risking my health. Both of those might be true, but after finally biting the bullet, sucking up the courage and popping a xanax I managed to get to the surgery center and out, and can you believe it, piece of cake! I tell you all of this because maybe there is someone out there like me who needs a little reassurance. This is a completely elective decision, so you need to be cool with electing to change your body. I did, and I’m actually really happy so far! It’s been something I’ve thought about for years and as I got older and finally had the money to do so, I figure WTF not! Anyway, that’s my rant. It does hurt, you need to give yourself AT LEAST 2 weeks before even looking at your boob results, most of the time even more leeway but I did RR procedure so I should have a good idea on the final product a month in. So, not everyone is the same or will have the same experience. I paid a LOT of money and did a lot of research since I believe you really get what you pay for and I don’t want to play around with my body if I can avoid it. I’m guessing you all feel the same way!