Review from E.B.

Very recently visited for my first lip injections experience. I decided that this was going to be the place after going on endless consultations and doing tons of research. I almost scared myself out of getting this done until I met with Dr. Vendemia. At my consultation he answered questions I didn’t even have and I booked my appointment right away.  His assistant, Karin, is amazing and answered my emails with any questions that I had almost instantly.
As for the procedure itself, it was completely painless. A numbing cream was applied and left on for about 30 minutes then Dr. V came in and went to work. He talked me through it and made me feel so comfortable. He explained everything he was doing in detail.  He gave me a mirror so I could see the progress and I decided he had done enough. Mind you, I’d never done anything like this before so I was in shock when I saw myself.
I didn’t bruise at all and had very little swelling. I even went shopping when I left  and got a facial the next day with no problem.
Once the swelling went down I decided I wanted more so Karin set me up with an appointment the next week and I got injected again. No pain and I went back to work right after he was done.
I am beyond pleased with my results. My lips look much fuller and so natural.  I didn’t end up with the ducky look that I was terrified of. It isn’t obvious or fake looking but just enough that it adds more to my face. Love this place and will absolutely come back when I am ready to get more filler done.