The Top 5 Easiest Ways to Stay Young

how hormone replacement therapy can keep you youngStaying young and healthy is easier than you think… no, seriously, it is.

You don’t have to eat raw broccoli and kale for every meal, and you don’t have to spend hours at the gym every day. You don’t have to make millions of dollars, or take tons of herbal supplements. You don’t have to starve yourself or waste time on fad diets.

A little common sense goes a very long way to staying young and healthy all throughout your lifetime, and here’s what I mean by that… consider our Top 5 Easiest Ways to stay young:

1— Take care of your skin

        We all notice a man or a women with beautiful, healthy skin that is free of

sun damage

        , age spots, and wrinkles. Using a gentle exfoliating tool like a Clarisonic Brush, and a dab of a sunscreen that contains Zinc Oxide, every day (even in the wintertime) is an incredibly easy and effective way to keep skin looking young and healthy while avoiding skin cancer and other problematic conditions like



2— Do at least 30 minutes of body-weight “core” exercises every day

    You don’t need a gym membership to stay in shape. Simple core movements like squats (sometimes called knee bends), lunges, sit ups or crunches, arm raises, jumping jacks, and pushups (even if just on your knees) can be performed by anyone at any time without any equipment. Thirty minutes of these types of movement maintain joint and ligament health, decrease your risk of heart attacks and strokes, and prevent bone loss that can lead to osteoporosis. If you’re not sure what how to perform these exercises, of if you need a little help getting started on a routine, it’s never a bad idea to hire a personal trainer at your local gym for 2-3 sessions so he or she can get you up to speed about proper form and exercise selection at home.

3— Consider hormone replacement therapy

      Your body’s production of essential hormones like testosterone and estrogen declines at several stages in one’s lifetime. The first decline is commonly in the mid-thirties, followed by a second major decline in the late-fourties or early-fifties. Physiologic replacement of these essential hormones at the right time can have a dramatically positive impact on energy levels, sex drive, body composition, sleep, and mood.

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    to read the personal experience of a real patient in our practice that recently began the process of TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

4— Take a Vitamin C supplement

    Vitamin C is on of the primary building blocks of collagen, and as we all know, collagen is a building block of youth. As collagen production declines, so does the elasticity of our skin, joints, and ligaments, and so does our ability to heal bodies. A simple once-a-day dose of 500-1000mg of Vitamin C (preferably with rose hips for improved absorption). is a safe and easy way to keep collagen production on track, and your immune system supplied with everything it needs to do it’s job.

5— Don’t rely on OTC pain relievers

    If you follow all of the steps above, you shouldn’t have much reason for over-the-counter pain killers like ibuprofen, aspirin and Tylenol. However, an occasional dose of any of these medications is expected for minor joint and muscle pains, but the best way to manage these is to prevent them from occurring with all of the above recommendations. If you must use a pain killer, be sure to know the difference between NSAID’s (ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve, aspirin, etc) and Tylenol (acetominophen). NSAID’s thin the blood and will make you bruise and bleed much easier, so they should never be taken within 2 weeks of any surgical procedure, and must always be discontinued after a period of five days to protect the kidneys. Tylenol will not thin the blood, but also cannot be taken before or after surgical procedures that require you to also take prescription pain medicines like Percocet and Vicodin, which also contain large amount of Tylenol. Combining Tylenol with prescription pain killers may lead to an overdose of acetominophen, which can damage the liver.

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