What should breast implants look like immediately after surgery?

breast implants during surgery and one day after

The answer to this question is simple… breast implants should look GOOD immediately after surgery, and they will continue to stretch, settle and drop over the course of 2-3 months.

New breast implants will sit slightly higher on the chest, and may have a slight cone shape to them right after surgery, but it should not look to you like a dramatic change would be necessary for them to look the way you want them to. They will be firm and won’t move much, and you may not notice much cleavage because of the os commerce joomla templates swelling, but overall they should look fairly normal and attractive. You should easily be able to envision how they will look in a few weeks once the swelling is gone and they have settled a bit. If they are sitting extremely high on your chest, if they aren’t symmetric, or if they look so unattractive that you can’t imagine them ever healing the way you want them to, you should speak to your surgeon right away.

Most of my breast augmentation patients feel that their implants have fully settled about 2-3 months after surgery. Here are a few photos to help you get the idea of what the settling and stretching process should look like. Obviously everyone is a little different in their healing, but this photo series should help you get the  general idea.

breast implants 2 weeks after surgery, breast implants drop after surgerybreast implants settle 2-3 months after surgery

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